E Komo Mai to the Best Lūʻau in Maui

Experience Hawai’i through all five senses.

At the most authentic lūʻau in Maui, you will be able to see, hear, taste, feel and smell some of the most authentic lūʻau traditions that have been held generation after generation. Celebrate with us at Old Lāhainā Lūʻau and get into the aloha spirit with hula dancing, music by local artists, mountains of ono food, and an open premium bar. This is your chance to experience Hawai’i as it should be experienced. E Komo Mai—Welcome!

Book your unforgettable tropical evening with Old Lāhainā Lūʻau today and experience the five senses of Maui.

Table and Chairs

Old Lahaina Luau modern table seating

Enjoy the comfort of sitting at a dining table on chairs. Tables will accommodate your party size, with table limits of eight (8) lūʻau guests. Accommodations for larger parties can be provided at multiple adjacent tables.

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Old Lahaina traditional luau maui seating

Seated in our first-row around the stage, guests are seated cross-legged on cushions and dine from a low table. Tables will accommodate your party size, with table limits of eight (8) lūʻau guests. Accommodations for larger parties can be provided at multiple adjacent tables.

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Lāhainā, Hawai’i is one of the most unique places in the world. With its rich history and culture, it’s no wonder so many people call this little island paradise home. The views in Lāhainā are breathtaking—filled with swaying palm trees and spotless beaches. Lūʻau-goers can walk right up to the shore to see (and feel) the beautiful, warm ocean waves of Lāhainā. The spacious property provides room for guests to watch hula performances from comfortable seats with views of Mala Wharf in the background. Our comfortable (and distanced) seats allow you to see everything that goes on at the best lūʻau in Maui from where you are, including beautiful decorations, authentic costumes, mesmerizing hula dancing, and more as we celebrate being able to gather together.


The salty scent of an ocean breeze while relaxing under the shade of a palm tree. The intoxicating smell of a flower lei placed around your neck at the door of Old Lāhainā Lūʻau, welcoming you in to enjoy an evening of cultural enrichment. Your mouth will water from all the enticing aromas coming from the kitchen behind the scenes. With a gourmet five-course meal served restaurant-style, you can enjoy the smells of the ocean, fresh flowers, and food right from your seat at the best lūʻau in Maui. 


Everyone gets a little bit of everything, so guests can taste the best lūʻau in Maui. Start with the open premium bar with some refreshing drinks, including beers on tap, wine selections, and fruity cocktails galore, including the ever-so-tropical Mai Tai. Lūʻau-goers will have a chance to savor fresh, local food favorites like poi, Laulau, Lomilomi salmon, poke, and kālua pig. After your decadent dinner, treat your tastebuds with a variety of desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Try haupia if you like coconut or indulge in some rich chocolate delights. If you don’t have a taste for meat (vegan or vegetarian), no problem! Old Lāhainā Lūʻau offers vegan and vegetarian lūʻau options for those who want to enjoy the whole experience without the meat. 


The soothing strum of the ukulele moves you every time, whether you’re shifting into a more relaxed position or getting your groove on. Old Lāhainā Lūʻau, the most authentic lūʻau in Maui, presents guests with jammin’ music from local musicians who will play their hearts out for all to enjoy. Once the show begins, listen for the powerful beat of the pahu drum that’ll soothe your soul while it beats in time with yours. Say aloha to our hula dancers and performers that have been practicing this art form since they were keikis (children), making each performance a beautiful display showcasing these traditional dances and songs told through centuries-old stories. 


As you enter the lūʻau, feel a soft, flower lei placed around your neck. With tropical weather year-round, you can slip off your “slippahs” to connect to the ‘āina and put your bare feet on the sand. Feel the warmth from your loved one’s hand as you celebrate each other on this enchanting cultural evening together. After the magical evening in paradise, leave the lūʻau feeling a deep connection to Maui and essence of aloha.

Book the most authentic lūʻau in Maui today, and experience beautiful Lāhainā through all five senses! We’re excited to host you and show you the true meaning of aloha.


Where is Old Lāhainā Lūʻau in Maui? You’ll find us at 1251 Front Street, Lāhainā HI. Learn more on our Locations page. Or, go straight to the directions.

What should I wear? Whatever is most comfortable, but most women wear sundresses, and most men wear shorts and an aloha shirt. Please wear sturdy shoes, no high heels or you’ll get stuck in the grass!

What is the seating like? Sit one of two ways—at a dining table on chairs, or seated in first-row around the stage, where you’ll sit cross-legged on cushions and dine from a low-set table. Each table fits up to eight (8) lūʻau guests and each party is assigned their own table. 

How do I book a reservation? Choose the way you want to sit and the date you want to visit. Click the red Reserve Now button on the top of the website. Follow the instructions and we’ll see you at the best lūʻau in Maui!

Where do I park? Come 15-30 minutes early to park right by the entrance or our friendly attendants will send you to additional free parking across the street by the best lūʻau in Maui.

How long is the lūʻau? Performances are held nightly and last roughly three hours; performance times vary, but each generally starts between 5:15 and 6:15 p.m. and ends from 8:15 to 9:15 p.m., depending on the season. You’ll get more details after you reserve your seats.

Is the lūʻau wheelchair accessible? Absolutely, just let us know you have a guest in a wheelchair ahead of time and we will put you in easy access seats to enjoy the most authentic lūʻau in Maui.

Is the gratuity or service charge included? Yes, the gratuity / service charge is included and is shared directly with our servers, bussers, bartenders, and culinary staff.