Reviews - Old Lahaina Luau


From Maui to New York City

“Best Luau. Once again, five-time winner Old Lahaina Luau danced the hula past the other contenders. Guests relax under stately palms with views of boats and neighboring islands as a backdrop. Tiki torches light the way, thatched roofs take one back in time, and you may even sit on the ground on mats for traditional Luau dining. The Old Lahaina Lüÿau takes great pride in presenting an authentic evening of traditional Hawaiian food, music, dance and crafts. The evening reflects with taste and tradition the rich culture and history of the Hawaiian Islands”. Maui News Reader’s Survey

“The Best Activity category focused on a favorite outing or activity for visitors and Kama`aina alike. Old Lahaina Luau scored high with twice as many votes. Readers recognize Old Lahaina Luau warm Hawaiian atmosphere, tasty cuisine and cultural significance as a winner. Maui Time, Best of Maui, Reader’s Poll

“With an award-winning show and a spread to make even the mightiest Alii quiver, it’s clear why you voted Old Lahaina Luau as one of the best” Hawaii Magazine, Best of Hawaii, Reader’s Survey

“Its authenticity, intimacy, hospitality, cultural integrity, and sheer romantic beauty have made this Maui’s top Lüÿau. Old Lahaina Luau staff, location, educational acuity, and quality of food and entertainment make it a Luau to which visitors return time and time again. Flickering torches, surreal sunsets, old milo and coconut trees, cultural sensitivity, romance and genuine hospitality – these are the elements we can count on with the Old Lahaina Luau.” Frommer’s Guide to Maui

“This is the best Luau you’ll find in Maui. It’s small, personal, and authentic. It feels like an old seaside village. In addition to fresh fish and grilled steak, you’ll get all-you-can-eat traditional Luau fare...Then there’s the entertainment, featuring a musical journey from old Hawaii to the present with hula dancing, chanting, and singing. Fodor’s Maui and Lanai

“This is our favorite Luau in all of Hawaii. Everything about it comes together just right, and it’s as authentic as they come. The Luau feast and traditional entertainment both serve as a wonderful introduction to real island culture, and they’re both terrific. Don’t mistake this for a deadly dull history lesson – its riveting entertainment and the performers are first-rate. The food is excellently prepared and well labeled (so you know what you’re eating).” Complete Idiot’s Travel Guide to Hawaii

“The Old Lahaina Luau has reinvented itself authentically in a genre rife with cliché. At sunset, guests sit at tables or on lauhala fiber mats on the ground in front of a grass-mound stage. The program offers intelligent narration and excellent ancient hula. The food is authentic Hawaiian, and delicious.” New York Times – Travel